LCD- LED- Plazma TV arasındaki fark nedir? Alırken nelere dikkat etmeliyiz?

What is the difference between LED light LCD- & Plasma TV? We should pay attention to when buying?

Difference Between Plasma TVs and LCD TVs, and you know what you know sanıp wrong. LCD – LED and Plasma TV What are the Differences Between? What are the cons of LCD TVs (-):
1. Combustion – noise – tingling problem (burn-in).
2. Viewing angles compared to LED TVs and Plasma TVs because it is narrower than the old technology.
3. have a lower contrast ratio than the LED TV and Plasma TV.
4. deterioration in the sharpness of the moving parts in motion pictures (100 Hz models in low, clear if viewed carefully).
5. Making the screen image in high-light environments (only the black film screen).
6. emit more radiation than the Plasma Tv. (Source is – Gazi University)
7 the risk of dead pixels on the screen. Problems associated with living dead pikselsel source: Google search
8. LCD TVs, regardless of the changes are made in the image of the black and white scenes maximum power consumption in each case. What are

LED tv’r Plus (+):

1. LCD and can provide energy savings of up to 40% compared to the plasma TV. (New Model)
2. They are lighter and thinner than LCD TVs.
3. Colors are a little more advanced than eat the LCD. A little closer to the real human skin color image.
4. longer lifetime compared to LCD TVs.
5. High-light reflections make less than the older generation plasma TV (except for new-generation plasma TVs).
6. 40 “and smaller than plasma screens show a bit more performance.

What are the cons of LED TVs (-):
1. Combustion – noise – tingling problem (burn-in).
2. Contrast ratio is slightly lower compared to Plasma TVs.
3. Viewing angles are narrower compared to Plasma TVs.
4. emit more radiation than the Plasma Tv (Source is – Gazi University).
5. The display of the risk of dead pixels or LED lamp damage.

What are the cons of plasma TVs (-):
1. Combustion – noise – tingling problem (burn-in).
2. High-light LED and LCD TV compared to more than faha shine. But thanks to new technology by removing the front glass panel TV in the neoplasm and similar features, this issue has been largely resolved.
3. LED TVs compared to 30% – 50% more electricity than they can consume.
Televisions are valid for all: approximately 17 “from the larger screen, the screen grows image quality is reduced. Why is the actual size of Full HD images in 17-inch screen size. Therefore, the image is enlarged to grow by screen TV. So we can say to look like a small picture yakılaştırıp. Decide the screen size by looking at the following TV viewing distance. Electronic Tektra good wishes and conscious shopping.

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