IP Phone and PBX Systems

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  • In Turkey and in other countries, our international project experience  and thanks to our strong connection with our partners we offer you the appropriate IP PBX solutions.
    Thus, your company will begin to take profits in a short time. Continuous and healthy at the same time you have a telephone network.
    This system not only offers voice calls;
    -You can also make video calls.
    -Your customers and staff interviews to be recorded.
    -Through various central functions, conferences, wake up, you can achieve with features like Do Not Disturb.

    IP PBX you can get if you want to offer to your company by filling out the short form below.

Tektra Fortel Afrika ve Korfez Ülkeleri Distributorudur

FORTEL IP PBX can be seperate in four different groups.
Micro, small, medium-sized and large businesses (Enterprise)

1FXO, 1FXS IP PBX (There is no update support)
F1022 2FXO, 2FXS 12 Users, with USB flash memory for audio recording. 
F1020 4FXO IP PBX, 50 Users 
F1025 4FXO, 4FXS IP PBX, 50 Users
F1050 8FXO IP PBX, 50 Users
F1100 32 port IP PBX, 40 simultaneous calls, 100 Users
F1200 32 port IP PBX, 80 simultaneous calls, 200 Users
F2000 32 port IP PBX, 100 simultaneous calls, 400 Users
600,800,1000 ve 2000 Macro-user support.