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    Abroad IT Staff


    Date Posted: 15/7/15
    Job : IT Staff
    City: İstanbul, Turkey

    Part Time Job

    We value our employees in domestic and overseas training are trying to add.

    IT industry is willing to work with us seriously wanted his teammates.
    We value our employees with domestic and foreign training are trying to add.

    You can send in your CV to e-mail :

    Minimum Requirements

    • 100%
      Self – Development
    • 75%
      The possibility of learning a foreign language
    • 75%
      Overseas experience

    Present and Future Tektra ‘s core values of;

      • Always aim to do better acting with determination to succeed.
      • Individual initiative and take responsibility.
      • Is ambitious, exhibits high leadership qualities.
      • True, respected, successful and transparent.
      • Self-developing and motivating people around them has an effective leader and team player identity.
      • Share, located in the consulting and dedication.
      • Customer focused, relationship based on open and established trust with customers just a product / service supplier to be on the other, to be a trusted advisor in goals.
      • Employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners with a transparent, long-term, permanent and conducts relations based on the principles of honesty.
      • Innovation is clear, continuous effort to renew itself.
      • Culture, aims to contribute to the community in the arts and education, are sensitive to the environment, it takes an active role to improve the quality of life around.

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    Yurtiçi – Domestic


    Date Posted: 2/8/12
    Job Code: GHDF2389
    City: New York, United States of America

    Full Time Job



    Minimum Requirements

    • 100%
    • 75%
    • 75%

    • Provide IT solutions for domestic projects
    • Remote support and onsite support

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